SQL Saturday Tampa Sessions

Troy Gallant (greatfuldba on Twitter) his website on Twitter

Troy offered a good overview of Transactional Replication in SQL Server. 

Microsoft uses a Magazine Publisher metaphor for labeling the various pieces. 

SQL Server replication allows DBAs to distribute data to various servers throughout an organization. Some of the primary reasons to employ replication include load balancing, offline processing & redundancy. Transactional replication in particular can offer a very flexible solution where data frequently changes. This session will discuss the basics of planning and implementation of a solid transactional replication solution.

Troy has been a SQL Server professional for over 6 years The first four were in the role of a developer, and the last two as DBA for an international organization of over 900 employees. When not working, Troy enjoys MMO’s, the Grateful Dead, and whiling away the hours picking his mandolin.



Functions can be used from various areas and used in unexpected areas.

In this session we will learn to perform several everyday DBA tasks like backing up user databases, scripting table objects and evaluating disk space usage with PowerShell. For each task we will explore the benefits of using PowerShell over the standard method. Only a basic understanding of PowerShell or DOS is needed. This session should serve as a good introduction to PowerShell for database users. The goal is to get data professionals feet wet using PowerShell.

Aaron Nelson(website) is a Senior SQL Server Architect, Database Developer, DBA, and Business Intelligence Developer with over 10 years experience in the architecture, design, development and maintenance of SQL Server. He is experienced managing enterprise-wide data needs in both transactional and data warehouse environments.