an issue with the Callisto flyout Windows 8

There is an issue with the Callisto flyout and any nearby webview control. The webview control covers the flyout.

Here is a fellow describing the issue in more detail

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you need a workaround with the WebView control when displaying a flyout (unfortunately, this reminds me of IE 6 and how Select objects would show through a floating div).
The following is the suggested workaround for displaying a flyout over a WebView control:

  • Add a Rectangle object to your view’s XMAL with the same dimensions as your WebView control
  • Just before you show the flyout, create a WebViewBrush with the current contents of the WebView control (basically a screen shot)
  • Apply the brush to the Rectangle control
  • Hide the WebView control
  • Display the flyout
  • When the flyout closes, redisplay the WebView control
  • Clear the brush from the Rectangle control

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