Making it easy on your tester #fldev #windows8

I have found a way to make my tester’’s life a little easier. 

My and my tester are always going back and forth with which version the bug was in.   Usually it is something “today’s build” “yesterday’s build”. 

So I have decided to put the auto generated version number in a prominent place in the app. 

Also, before I check the solution into TFS I create a store package.  That increments the revision number.  The revision number is the 4th number in the version number.   

Currently that number shows in the auto generated “permissions” fly out. 



To make it easier to identify the version I now place the Version number on the main page in an inconspicuous fashion.


Here is the code to get the version number.

In the App.xaml.cs I make variables to store the formatted version. 

public static Package package = Package.Current;
public static PackageId packageId = package.Id;
public static string Revision = packageId.Version.Major.ToString() + "." + packageId.Version.Minor.ToString() + "." + packageId.Version.Build.ToString() + "." + packageId.Version.Revision.ToString();

Then in the Page I want to place the version number I add one line of code to add the text to a textblock called versionnumber

versionnumber.Text = App.Revision;