Day 2 Journey to iOS by a Windows Phone Dev #fldev

It is almost time for the jumper cables.  And because someone should not mix Excedrin and Booze, I will have to choose between the two. 

1) When running Xamarin MonoDevelop it tells me it cannot find the MonoTouch SDK.  I installed MonoDevelop and MonoTouch before installing the iOS SDK and Xcode.  The message says that may be the case.  I have uninstalled and forgot the MonoTouch and reinstalled.    I have emailed Xamarin and they are helpful.

   1: You will need to uninstall the trial version of MonoTouch first. 

   2: To uninstall MonoTouch, issue the following commands in a terminal:

   3: sudo rm -rf /Developer/MonoTouch

   4: sudo pkgutil --forget com.xamarin.monotouch.pkg

2)  Had lunch with several great coders today and yesterday and when they asked what I was up to I told them of my Journey to iOS.  “Why?” was the first response.  “To speak from experience when I offer an opinion about one development environment or another”   Several offered their opinion from experience.  The IDE for Xcode is substandard compared to the latest versions of VS.  Specifically, debugging and intellisense.    Well, I’ll hold off validation of their opinion until I have more experience, which means after I can correctly install the software.   (Note: this is not my first experience with iOS development.  I wrote the .Net part that consumes a JSON data stream from my server and rendered the results in a table in iOS emulator, but on that occasion I was using a Machine with the tools already installed)