Day 3 Journey to iOS by a Windows Phone Dev #fldev

Taking a break

Needing to feel productive, I did something easy compared to installing MonoDev on the Mac.  I set up a new network at the homeless shelter using Server 2012.  Great new interface.   Server 2012 will be the AD server and also the file server.  They see the value and will host applications on a Windows Azure virtual server.   I also talked them out of hosting the own exchange server and they are going with Office 365.   

Back to iOS. 

I have a email correspondence going with the install team at Xamarin.   It may be the particular MacBook. 

Maybe it’s the unit

New out of the box MacBook Air has no problems.  This time I installed XCode and iOS SDK first and created a new project.  I immediately built and ran the new project in the simulator.  It worked.   Installed Xamarin MonoTouch and created a new solution. 

Happy Day, I am now finally able to start coding.