Students writing win8 apps? Get $100 per app. Woohoo…


Pass along.  Enjoy….  Beats working in a sawmill.

Here’s a sweet promotion.  Students who publish apps can get up to $100 each for up to five apps per submission period.   Since students get into the Windows Store and get free dev tools via DreamSpark, this should be an easy win.  Couple it with some using a tool like GameMaker or some Win8 Design Templates , and the opportunities for a couple fast, high quality apps are fantastic.   Pass along to your favorite coder-student who wants some cash and a shot at more prizes.  Rule annotations are below, but please read the full rules of engagement here via the links below…..

My favorite excerpts from the rules
•USA only – legal resident
•16 years of age or older
•Enrolled as a student at an accredited education institution that grants high-school or college degrees – including home schools – located in the USA, between Feb 11, 2013 and April 11, 2013
•Do not work for Microsoft,  and are not part of immediate family of Microsoft folks
•Each app should be significantly different from others you’ve submitted
•The app cannot have won Gen App Slate Giveaway, 5 App Challenge, Holiday App Challenge, Wowzap Hackathon or Xbox Ultimate Experience
•The first 1000 apps (note the limit) get $100 visa gift cards.  Up to FIVE apps per ROUND.  That’s 20 potentially over the lifetime.
•The person who publishes the MOST over a round gets a trip to [location to be announced] .  Details in the rules….
•Read the rules to figure out how to submit an app.  Yes I could do it here but I want you to read the rules….
•The contest runs from Feb 12, 2013 to April 11, 2013
◦Round 1 – Feb 12 – Feb 25
◦Round 2 – Feb 26 – March 12
◦Round 3 – March 13 – March 27
◦Round 4 – March 28 – April 11
•Entries do not carry over to subsequent rounds

•Get started with Win8 –
•How students can get complimentary Windows 8 accounts through DreamSpark –
•Win8 Design Reference Templates – think quick starts – – almost cheating.  Almost.
•Facebook page for the promo –  – rules are available off this page