Bing Routes on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 comes with an easy-to-use geolocation API that allows you to determine the current position and movement of a user, expressed in latitude and longitude (and sometimes also the altitude). Once you have access to this data, you’re ready to create location-aware features in your Windows Phone 7 application. Read More MSDN […]

South Florida Code Camp February 12, 2011

Thank you to those who attended my spatial data in SQL Server 2008, ASP.Net, Silverlight, and Windows Phone 7.   I hope I provided enough detail to inspire you to create your own location aware solutions.  I have uploaded the code presented in the class.  The code is located at Enjoy. If you would like […]

Window Live Writer – woo hoo

Now there is no excuse.  I can post much more frequently now due to Live Writer.  Writer made mightier Windows Live Writer makes it easy for anyone to tell stories like a professional blogger. You can create beautiful blog posts, and see what they’ll look like online before you publish them to your blog. Plus, […]