System brushes #fladev

System brushes What are they? If you’ve poked around the code that’s generated by the various “Metro style” C#/XAML or VB/XAML templates in Visual Studio, you’ve seen mysterious resource references like: <Setter Property=”Background” Value=”{StaticResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}”/> ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush isn’t declared anywhere in your project; it’s actually defined implicitly by the Windows runtime. The same is true of […]

Override App Colors in C# XAML Apps

As you may have discovered or will discover soon when making your windows 8 app in XAML, there are many out of the box themed colors for most of the common objects.  If your App happens to be of a different color you will need to visit each object and assign a color or a […]

Students writing win8 apps? Get $100 per app. Woohoo…

  Pass along.  Enjoy….  Beats working in a sawmill. Here’s a sweet promotion.  Students who publish apps can get up to $100 each for up to five apps per submission period.   Since students get into the Windows Store and get free dev tools via DreamSpark, this should be an easy win.  Couple it with […]